These home improvement projects are all done as DIY projects as in "Do It Yourself".  These projects could be done a lot easier by hiring someone else to do them, but then "the feeling of accomplishment of doing the job myself wouldn't be felt and the savings from doing my own labor wouldn't be realized".  The process is mostly the same either way--do it yourself or get someone else to do it.  These projects needed done and this site shows the methods and tools used to get it done.  Maybe all you need is a little encouragement or some instruction in how to do it.  Or maybe you just want to see what this guy can do in his DIY projects... This site should help no matter what.

     All of the projects shown were actually done DIY.  Five nice projects "at the house" were all accomplished in 2023.  Plenty of pictures and even some YouTube videos made showing the projects.  The videos are available to view at the @Webideo channel.  more projects are planned for 2024 and content will be added to this site as the projects progress and are completed.

     The projects in 2023 included: Sauna Room Build Project; DIY Home Landscape Project; Catch Basin Project; HPS Light Repair Project; Concrete Caulking Project (content needs to be added for this project but it has been completed) ...  The projects can be accessed on this site by clicking on the sub-pages in the main menu at the top of this page.