Concrete Caulking Project

     This is a short project at home to seal the gaps in the concrete driveway and sidewalks.  These gaps are where the expansion joint had deteriorated over the years leaving 3/4-inch gaps where vegetation (grass and weeds) can grow, and which dirt falls into and are a hiding place for insects.  Also, and perhaps most importantly, where the gaps are against the house water can drain into the gaps and find its way under the slab floor of the living room and even into the basement.  A good idea to seal these gaps to keep out insects and dirt, and also to prevent water damage and unsightliness.  (Pictures and more descriptions will be added soon in the coming days.)

     Update: (Thursday, December 28, 2023) The Concrete Caulking Project has been completed at the end of last summer.  The YouTube video showing this project and this page at this site have been delayed in being completed.  The priorities of multiple other projects and tasks have been higher.  This Concrete caulking Project is still going to materialize to completion on this webpage after the New Year 2024 begins.  Sorry for the delay... The YouTube Video at the Webideo channel is available that shows the project.  Just click on the blue button/bar below: