Sauna Room Build Project

     This Sauna Room Build Project began in the planning stage in 2021 when I was suffering from the dreaded COVID Digits in my feet, toes and ankles.  That ailment started in December 2020 and didn't let up until in January 2023.  I began thinking about what I could do while I was stuck at home to alleviate the pain in my feet, toes and ankles that was keeping me from leaving my house to go to work.  The pain was very severe and scary.  Well, I came up with the idea that the heat and humidity from a Sauna would help to improve my blood circulation and also would help to keep the COVID-19 virus out of my system.  What an idea--it was just a long process of trying to do anything work related besides desk work with the pain I was having from the COVID Digits.  I began chipping away at it--gradually my determination has paid off as this Sauna Room is almost completed and those COVID Digit pains are almost completely gone.

     This Sauna Room Build Project has been going on longer than what I have any pictures to show for it, but from February 4-27, 2023, I have got pictures and videos of the building process that has occurred in this project for the last of the beaded knotty pine boards installed in the sauna room, the trimming out of the sauna room, custom building of the sauna door, hanging the door, mounting the Sauna Stove, wiring the light fixture, wiring the light fixture switch, wiring the Sauna Stove Electric Heater from the junction box, and building the custom sauna bench seats (lower seat for now, and the upper seat will be built after the Sauna Stove is tested on Tuesday, February 28, 2023).  These pictures are shown in the top picture album to the right.

     The pictures shown in the next picture album down to the right, were taken on February 28, 2023-March 1, 2023.  These pictures show the Sauna Stones being prepared to load into the Sauna Stove Electric Heater stone compartment of the 6kw Vevor Sauna Stove.  The stones are various sizes and have to be 1.18inches-3.15inches to be used in this Sauna Stove.  The stones that are too large (approximately half of the stones) have to be chiseled down to the within the proper size range using a cold chisel, 2lbs. sledgehammer, and a geologist hammer.  The stones are sorted out by size groups and split into the size range and then resorted to their size groups.  Then, the pictures show that the stones are then properly placed into the top of the Sauna Stove (according to the instructions from Vevor, the manufacturer, as shown in the User Handbook on pages 8-9) with the largest on the bottom and the smaller ones on the top.  The Sauna Stove Electric Heater is then tested to make sure that it works properly.  The GFCI circuit breaker feeding the Sauna Stove is turned on, tested, and then left on.  The Sauna Stove is turned on highest temperature setting and the maximum time of 60 minutes.  The Sauna Room is heated for 12.5 minutes with the Sauna Room door open, then it is closed for the rest of the time.  The room heats to over 120 degrees F within the 60 minutes--the thermometer used only reads to 120 degrees F.  The Sauna Stove will heat the room to 60-90 degrees C (140-194 degrees F) in 60 minutes according to the manufacturer (Vevor).  The Sauna Stove Electric Heater passed the test, and the Sauna Room is ready to use.

     Wednesday evening, March 1, 2023, and into the early hours of March 2, 2023, the Sauna Room Lower-Level Bench Seat was trimmed out completely and the two coats of clear wood sealer were applied by sprayer.  The third from the top Photo Album to the right shows the procedures and work involved in these tasks.  The shoe moulding trim wood in pine (7/16-inch X 11/16-inch) was nailed on with 6d hot-dipped galvanized casing nails.  The bottom pieces of shoe moulding were intentionally left with a 1/8-inch gap above the bottom kick board (1" X 6" board) to provide a way for air inside the bench seat to vent out to prevent condensation from building up inside the bench seat during the Sauna Room heating and then cooling down after use.  The outside corner trim in pine (11/16-inch X 11/16-inch) was nailed on with 1-1/4-inch stainless steel nails.  All of the nail holes were pre-drilled to prevent the wood from splitting.  The mess on the floor was swept up, and there was even time for supper--a bowl of chili.  To protect the wall (drywall) and the Sauna Room door from overspray from the clear wood sealer, Visqueen plastic was attached to the wall.  The overspray on the floor was cleaned up with a sponge and a bucket of water.  The lower bench seat will be ready to be used on Friday afternoon (March 3rd) after it dries for 24-hours, and the nail holes are filled with wood putty.  The upper bench seat will be built next starting later today (March 2, 2023).  This Sauna Room Build Project is winding down and is progressing very well.

     On Thursday, March 2, 2023, the Sauna Room Upper-Level Bench Seat began to be framed in.  Idaho Forest Group Premium lumber (2" X 4") is used to frame it in as in all the framing done for the Sauna Room Build Project.  There are some more 2" X 4" pieces to nail on, but the local noise ordinance does not allow loud noises in residential areas after 10pm.  I'll get back to this tomorrow.  The progress made today is shown in the Photo Album to the right. (Fourth Photo Album down from the top.)

     On Friday, March 3, 2023, the Photo Album fifth from the top and to the right shows progress made finishing up the Sauna Room Lower-Level Bench Seat and placing it into the Sauna Room where it will be used.  The lower seat looks good and fits fine at 18-inches tall, 18-inches deep, and 18-inches wide--18-inches cubed. 

     Also, the Sauna Room Upper-Level Bench seat is taken into the Sauna Room (as is) and set into place where it will be used to check and see if it is sized appropriately.  The upper seat is not framed completely, but it is a great time before going any further to make sure that it fits.  The upper seat is planned to be 36-inches tall, 20-inches wide, and 20-inches deep.  Once in place, it is found out that the upper seat needs to be reduced in depth in order to fit properly next to the lower seat.  It will be reduced in sized by 1-1/4-inches to fit better--it will be reduced to 18-3/4-inches.  The finish exterior wood and trim will be left off of the backside where it sets against the wall.  Also, the back legs (2-inch X 4-inch) will be notched in 1/2-inch where the wall baseboard trim is, to allow the upper seat to be 1/2-inch closer to the back wall.  That way, there will be approximately 1/2-inch gap between the lower seat and upper seat where they sit next to each another.  No problem--glad that it was checked at this point before going any further.  Planning ahead like this and checking along the way really saves by eliminating costly mistakes.

     The last thing done on Friday, March 3, 2023, is to install the metal air vent grill onto the Sauna Room door.  The grill fits perfectly and looks good from both the outside of the door and the inside of the door.  The vent allows air to exhaust out of the room as it becomes "stale" and for fresh air from the supply air vent underneath the Sauna Stove to replenish the air in the Sauna Room so that the people using the Sauna will have oxygen to breathe.  Without these air vents (exhaust in the door, and the air supply vent underneath the Sauna Stove), the people in the Sauna Room would faint from lack of oxygen and could suffocate.  The Sauna Stove manufacturer, Vevor, provided a User Handbook that gives instructions as to how to construct the Sauna Room and the instructions for the air vents are part of those instructions.  Other instructions (including National Construction Building Codes) can be found in libraries and conveniently online.

The Sauna Room accessories arrived in the mail yesterday, as scheduled for shipment by the supplier, are picked up at the Post Office today, March 7, 2023.  The accessories were ordered online from ALEKO:

Shop Sauna Accessories: Hats, Buckets & More | ALEKO (

     I ordered the following items:  Round Pine Wood Sauna Thermometer Gage in Fahrenheit (WJ02-AP) $15.00; Handcrafted Analog Clock in Finnish Pine Wood (WJ11-AP) $23.00; Wall-Mounted Pine Wood Thermometer (measures temp. in Celsius) and Hygrometer (KDS03/ALEKO) $39.00.  All of the items were shipped together and packaged very well in cardboard boxes.  Soon I'll get a chance to try these out in the Sauna Room.  They will be installed very soon.  The Photo Album to the right (sixth down from top) for "March 7, 2023, Sauna Accessories" shows what they look like.

     Also on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, the Sauna Room Build Project continued with the progress made on the Sauna Room Upper-Level Bench Seat.  The 2" X 4" framing (using Idaho Forest Group Premium lumber) of the upper seat was completed.  The back legs of the seat were notched in 1/2-inch and up 3-1/4-inches at the bottom of both legs where they were held from the wall by the baseboard trim.  (Ouch--I scratched my arm using the handsaw when notching the back legs--be careful.  It slipped and got me--I'll live.)  This adjustment allows the seat to fit snugly against the back wall of the Sauna Room.  The frame was brought back into the Sauna Room and placed where it will be when finished to check the fit after the notches were cut.  The upper seat frame fit very nicely in place.  There is now a 1-1/16-inch gap between the frame and the lower seat.  After completely finishing the upper seat, there will be a 5/16-inch gap between the two seats (upper and lower) when placed next to each other in the Sauna Room--perfect.  There is also a 3/4-inch gap between the upper seat and the side wall of the Sauna Room--also perfect--there will be ventilation holes at the top of the side of the upper seat on that side where the air from inside the upper seat at the top will be able to vent out better this way.  One more adjustment is needed--the upper seat leg that sits in the corner where the Sauna Room walls meet needs to be shorter by 1/4-inch to make the seat sit evenly on the floor since the floor of the room is sloped slightly.  Otherwise, the upper seat will "rock back and forth" slightly--no problem this is an easy fix with the circular saw.

     Now that the fit of the upper seat was checked and passed, the frame of the upper seat is moved out of the Sauna Room and framing is completed.  The one leg is shortened 1/4-inch with the circular saw, and more 2" X 4" lumber pieces are nailed on to make the seat sturdier and to provide nailers for the exterior wood and trim.  Hot-dipped galvanized nails of various sizes are used to nail the frame together (3d, 6d, 8d, and 16d).  The top of the upper seat is "checked for square" by measuring diagonally at the corners of the square of the top of the seat--it is good at 25-1/16-inches at both diagonals. 

     After the seat is finished being framed, the upper seat is "checked for square" again but this time at the top and the bottom.  The top is still square, but the bottom is out of square--25-3/4-inches at one diagonal corner-to-corner measurement, and 25-3/8-inches at the other diagonal.  The 2LBS. sledgehammer is used to adjust the diagonal measurements by hitting at the side of the frame to cause it to move the frame at the bottom from a diamond shape to a true square shape.  It takes a few adjustments with the sledgehammer to make the measurements at the diagonals the same at 25-9/16-inches for both.  Be careful not to hit the frame too hard or the wood will split. 

     Pictures of the progress made are shown in the Photo Album to the right (seventh album from the top) "March 7, 2023, Upper Seat Frame Completed".  Tomorrow the upper seat will get dressed up with the 1" X 6" boards at the top and bottom, and the 3/4" thick Beaded Pine Boards on the top of the seat for sitting to match the lower seat.

     On March 8, 2023, the Sauna Room Build Project nears completion.  The upper seat is continued as the 1-inch X 6-inch Pine Board is wrapped around the top and the bottom of the sides.  Hot-dipped galvanized 6d casing nails are used to nail the boards on.  The 3/4-inch thick Beaded Pine Board is cut and laid on the top of the seat in position where it will be nailed on tomorrow. 

     Back to the Upper-Level Bench Seat on Friday, March 10, 2023, after a day off.   The 3/4-inch-thick Beaded Pine Board is cut to finish the rest of the way, and then nailed to the top of the seat with hot-dipped galvanized 6d casing nails.  The nails are set, and the top of the seat is ready to sit on--looks good.  Next the 1/4-inch-thick Knotty Beaded Pine Planks are cut and laid into place to be nailed on the sides of the upper seat tomorrow.  There are three sides of the upper seat that will be covered with the planks and 6 planks to each side--the backside will be left uncovered since it sits tightly to the back wall of the sauna.  Everything looks good and is going smoothly.

     Two packages of bi-fold hardwood doorknobs were purchased earlier this morning from Menards in Champaign, IL.  One of these doorknobs will be used for the handle on the small cover for the opening in the door for the air exhaust vent.  The cover will be made out of 1" X 6" Pine Board and the hardwood doorknob will be screwed into the center to make it easy to put the cover in place and to remove it when necessary.  The doorknobs could also be used for the robe/towel hooks to be installed above the air exhaust vent opening in the door inside of the sauna room--there will be at least two hooks there where they will be needed while the sauna is in use.  If the doorknobs don't work for the robe/towel "hooks", then I will custom build the hooks using the 3/4-inch wooden dowel rod I bought last night at Meijer in Champaign, IL that I found there while shopping for food.  (They sell more than just food--Meijer is the original Super Store before even Walmart Groceries, Pharmacy, Electronics, Home, Style | Meijer .)

     Back to the Sauna Room Build Project after a 5-day hiatus.  I have been spending a lot of time getting my YouTube channel up and running (Webideo@KFBProductions) and there are YouTube videos for each Sauna Room Build Update in this Project.  Also, this Sauna Room Build Project is posted about on my LinkedIn ( 

     The progress made on "March 14, 2023, Upper-Level Bench Seat (Cont'd)" is shown in the Photo Album to the right, tenth from the top.  On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, first the Upper-Level Bench Seat is sanded with coarse sandpaper by hand where there are rough places on the 1" X 6" Pine Board. (Standard quality was used as the quality was close to Premium at the Building Supply Store, Menards in Champaign, IL Home at Menards®.)  Next, the upper seat is closed in with the Knotty Beaded Pine Planking (nailed on using the 1-1/4-inch stainless steel nails in sandstone color) and half of the Shoe Moulding Trim Wood in Pine is nailed on using the hot-dipped galvanized 6d nails.  The rest will be installed tomorrow along with the Outside Corner Trim in Pine.

     Then, some knots in the Knotty Beaded Pine Planking on the eastside of the upper seat are loose so Super Glue (bought at Rural King in Rantoul, IL Rural King - America's Farm and Home Store.) is applied to keep the knots from falling out of the wood.  Finally, for today, the nails in the trim wood are set with the nail set and hammer. 

     Looking ahead, the clear coat wood sealer will be sprayed on Thursday, March 16, 2023, and on Friday the Wood Putty will be put in the holes for the nail heads that are set.  The upper seat will be finished on Friday and placed in the Sauna Room to be used.  The Sauna Room Build Project will be almost completely finished by then, but the accessories will have to be installed and the air exhaust vent cover for the door and the robe/towel hooks will also need to be installed.  The project will be almost 100% complete by the first day of Spring season.

     Why wait to spray the clear coat wood sealer until Thursday when it can be done today?  No reason--first the wood trim has to be all put on the upper seat and the 3/8-inch air ventilation holes on the top of the side of the seat that sits 1-2-inch off of the wall have to be drilled.  On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, all of this is completed.  Done by 4pm.  The Photo Album: 11.) March 15, 2023, Upper-Level Bench Seat Close to Completion in the column to the right shows all of the progress for this day.

     There was one setback in the nailing of the Shoe Moulding Trim wood, but it was easily fixed.  On one piece of trim wood, the hot-dipped galvanized nails started splitting the wood as they were set with the nail set even though the holes were predrilled, and it had not happened before on either the upper or lower seat trim wood.  The problem is that this piece of wood was slightly more brittle and susceptible to splitting.  It was saved by squirting some "Super Glue" into the wood where it split slightly--"Super Glue" dries clear and is preferred when repairing wood where clear coat sealer is the wood finish. 

     The problem is that the 6d hot-dipped galvanized casing nails are actually too large to be using for this trim wood and 4d ought to be used instead, but that smallest size hot-dipped galvanized casing nails available are 6d.  Stainless Steel nails or hot-dipped galvanized are required inside the Sauna Room to keep the nails from corroding and to keep the wood from staining.  So, the hot-dipped galvanized are being used on the Shoe Moulding Trim although they are slightly too large--extra care and caution are required to prevent severe splits in the wood by predrilling the nail holes.  The splits were fixed with the glue, and the rest of the trim pieces were predrilled with bigger size bits that kept the wood from splitting anymore.

     This Sauna Room Build Project is about done.  Today, Thursday, March 23, 2023, the sauna Room accessories were completely installed.  This is a very productive day.  The day started early, before sunrise by cleaning up the work area.

     Then, a Cover is custom-made for the exhaust air vent opening in the Sauna Room Door.  The Cover is made from 1" X 6" Pine Board cut into a small square 5-5/16-inches X 5-5/16-inches.  A Wood Bi-Fold Doorknob is screwed into place on the Cover to serve as a handle to put the Cover in place and to remove it. A piece of Shoe Moulding in Pine Wood is nailed into place at the top of the vent opening to prevent the Cover from falling out when it is put into place.  The Cover looks great.  It can be put in place to close the vent hole while the Sauna Room is in use so that the room can heat faster and to higher temperatures.  The Cover can be removed to lower the temperature and to allow fresh air to enter the room easier.  Also, the Vent Cover should be removed while the Sauna Room is not being used to allow the room to air out and to dry out if the Sauna Room Door is kept closed after use.

     After the Vent Cover is completed, the next step is to install the Robe/Towel Hook on the outside of the Sauna Room, and then to custom-build the Robe/Towel Hooks for the inside of the Sauna Room.  The Hook for the outside of the room is screwed into the wall above the light switch and next to the door.  It is made of stainless steel and looks good and is finished within 20-minutes.  The Custom-Made Robe/Towel Hooks for the inside of the room are more involved and it takes a couple hours to make these.

     The Custom-Made Robe/Towel Hooks are made completely out of wood--Pine.  The various wood used to build the room is used so that the design and style of the room is matched throughout: 1" X 6" Pine Board, 3/4-inch thick Beaded Pine Planking, and the Shoe Moulding Trim in Pine.  The Hooks are actually pegs made from 3/4-inch diameter wood dowel rod cut 3-1/2-inches long which work very well as Robe/Towel Hooks and they look excellent inside the Sauna Room.  A "jig" type pattern was made to drill the holes for the dowel rod pegs to make sure that the holes were all drilled at the same angle--the pegs are angled away from the door and up so that the robes and towels will not fall off of the pegs.  Tomorrow, the pegs will be glued into place and the Minwax Wood Putty in Natural Pine color will be used to fill nail head holes.

     After the Robe/Towel Hooks are all installed, the rest of the Sauna Room accessories are put into place.  The room really looks like a Sauna Room with all of these accessories in place:  The 15-minute Sand Timer, the Clock, the Thermometer (Celsius)/Hygrometer, and the Thermometer (Fahrenheit).  Everything looks great.  The Air Supply Vent opening is also covered with a 6" X 6" metal Grill just like the Grill on the door.  Also, a doorstop is added for the Door to keep it from banging against the wall.

     The progress for today is shown in the Photo Album in the column to the right as "12.) March 23, 2023, Sauna Room Accessories Completely Installed".

     There isn't much left to do to complete this Sauna Room Build Project. One more day should do it.  There are some nail head holes that need to be filled with wood putty, and the Hemlock Wood Bench/Seat from ALEKO needs to be sprayed with two coats of clear coat wood sealer as does the Exhaust Air Vent Cover. A few hours at most and the project is done except for the Slate Tile flooring that will be installed next fall.  The Sauna Room is 99% complete.

     On Monday, March 27, 2023, I have another update.  Over this past weekend three more accessories were purchased online from and will arrive by mail later this week.  The accessories include two wood floor mats with non-slip backing to use inside the sauna room and at the outside of the doorway--I had been looking for something for this purpose and finally came across them while shopping online.  I will post pictures of these when they arrive.  Also, I purchased a small wood bench seat with a shelf below the seat to place next to the door outside the sauna room under the light switch.  Pictures of all three items will be posted.

     One more update for this day.  Today is the day that the Sauna Room gets its first full workout--The Sauna Stove will be turned on and heated up to its maximum temperature for 1-hour, and then used for 15-minutes.  The temperatures of the room will be noted.  The results will be posted after the full workout.

     Today is April 1, 2023, but to begin with a quick look back to March 27, 2023, for when the high temperature for the Sauna Room was maxed out.  The Photo Album ["13.) March 27, 2023, Sauna Room High Temperature Maxed"] in the column to the right shows some pictures of the results.  The temperature before turning on the Sauna Stove was 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

     On March 27, 2023, the stove was turned on by setting the timer to the "6" on the knob setting for 60-minutes.  The stove comes on and times out and shuts off after this maximum time.  The temperature knob was also turned to the maximum setting.  The door was closed the whole time and the Cover for the exhaust air vent in the door was left in place so that the room could build up to its maximum temperature.  After the 60-minutes the stove was allowed to cool for 10-minutes and then the timer was reset for 30-minutes.  After being on for another 5-minutes the temperature of the room had climbed to 93 degrees Celsius (199.4 degrees Fahrenheit) next to the door, and 214 degrees Fahrenheit on the wall above the Sauna Stove.

     The Sauna Stove manufacturer (Vevor) states that the Sauna Stove will heat to 90 degrees Celsius as its maximum temperature and has a built-in thermal limit switch to automatically shut off once this temperature is reached to prevent the stove from overheating.  The stove comes back on when its temperature falls back below 90 degrees Celsius.  So, during this maximum temperature setting of the stove it kicked off and then back on automatically when it needed to a keep the temperature at its maximum but not above it.  The room got hotter than 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit), but not the Sauna Stove.

     There was one malfunction that happened during the Sauna Room maximum temperature session.  The sauna Clock stopped working at 4:23 after 1hour and 10minutes into the Sauna Room session.  The clock is supposed to work in any and every Sauna Room condition of high heat and humidity, but it failed after the room heated up to the maximum temperature.  This condition is usually referred to as a "stress test" of the system (Sauna Room in this case).  Everything else performed well as planned.  At first it was assumed that the battery in the clock had failed since it is an Alkaline battery, and the temperature would surely be too much for it.  However, it was found that the clock internal mechanism (as shown in the top left picture in the Photo Album #13 as the black square shaped object being held) that moves the hands actually failed.  The high temperature caused the battery-operated hand movement built of plastic and Analog electrical/electronic parts to fail.

     Photo Album "14.)  April 1, 2023, Sauna Room Build Project Update, Almost Completely Done" shows the new accessories that are added on March 31, 2023.  The three products ordered (from online are put in place.  The two wood floor mats are laid into place with one in front of the lower seat inside the room and the other next to it but in the doorway.  These should provide a firm wood floor for the sauna experience, and they have a non-slip backing to prevent slips and falls. They also make the room look better.  The other accessory had to be assembled--the small bench with a shelf under the seat.  The assembly took about twenty minutes and then the bench seat was placed next to the door on the outside of the room.

     The clock was repaired the next day (by me) with a replacement kit purchased from Menards in Champaign, IL.  The kit works in this clock very well and has better quality hands that come with the kit (Walnut Hollow 3-Piece Clock Kit for 1/4" Surface, SKU#: 2529811) that are at least 3 times as thick and made of brass instead of aluminum.  The ALEKO Customer Service Dept. was contacted and is sending a replacement Sauna Clock by mail for the ALEKO Handcrafted Analog Clock in Finnish Pine Wood, SKU#: WJ11-AP that failed.  It should arrive next week.  Meanwhile, the repaired clock is hung on the wall next to the Sauna Room Door but on the outside of the room this time to prevent another malfunction.

     The Sauna Room was used for 15-minutes after the temperature maxed out and the sauna experience was as good as any I'd ever had before.  Another accessory was ordered after the Sauna, though.  The water was poured on to the Sauna Stones with a cup and it is too hard to keep hands and fingers from being burned from the steam that comes off the stones when using a cup of water, so a Water Bucket and Scoop were ordered from ALEKO and should arrive soon for future Sauna use.

On March 31, 2023, the Hemlock Wood Bench Seat and the Cover for the Exhaust Air Vent in the Door are both sprayed with the clearcoat wood sealer.  Two coats inside and out for both.  The clearcoat wood sealer is completely used up--every bit--I am glad that I ordered the two full gallons of this product (Eco Advance Exterior Wood Waterproofer).  It is an excellent wood sealer for Sauna Rooms, and it should last for at least ten years before two more coats are needed.

The Robe/Towel Hanger inside the Sauna Room is also finished up on March 31, 2023.  The Minwax Wood Putty in Natural Pine color is applied to all of the nail head holes.  One more loose end taken care of.

On April 1, 2023, after allowing the clearcoat wood sealer to dry for 24-hours, the plastic is removed from the wall that protected the door and wall from over spray from the wood sealer the day before.  The Hemlock Wood Bench Seat is put back in place and so are the other accessories that were moved in order to spray the sealer.  The Cover for the exhaust air vent is put back in the door, also.  The Sauna Room Build Project is now almost completely done.  All that is left is to install the Slate Floor Tile in the Sauna Room this coming Fall.  That will complete the project.  A project well done so far.

     There is more information about this Sauna Room Build Project available on LinkedIn, YouTube, and on this website on my Blog pages.  This website does contain the most comprehensive information, though. However, all the videos are available on YouTube and some on LinkedIn--no videos are on this website.  More Sauna Room Build posts (Sauna Room Build Update, and other posts) are available on LinkedIn--just click on the LinkedIn icon anywhere on this website (usually at the bottom of the page) and it will take you to my LinkedIn profile.  The YouTube icon at the bottom of the page will take you to my YouTube channel for those videos about the Sauna Room Build Updates (just click on it just the same).  The picture albums to the right give a good idea of the process and work involved to build this Sauna Room.

     The Sauna Room Build Project is 99.99% completed with only the slate tile floor to be installed at the end of 2023 in the Fall Season.  More information and more details will be added when the slate tile floor is installed and also updates about the Sauna Room functioning and any maintenance required.  The Sauna Room was successfully installed, tested and passed, and used with no defects or problems.  A complete success!

     Here it is--time for the slate tile floor to be installed.  On October 5, 2023, the special order for slate tile arrived and was picked up at the supply store.  (See the picture to the right, #15.)  The sauna room is being prepped at this time to install the slate tiles.  The slate floor is scheduled to be completed by Thanksgiving Day--but will probably be done in October.  Updates are on the way.

Sauna Room Build Project Update for December 9, 2023:  The project has been delayed until now.  The floor is currently being prepped by removing concrete floor paint from the concrete so that the thin set can adhere to the concrete to lay the slate tile.  A paint scraper is being used to remove the paint--pictures will be available soon.